I am excited to join the Salon Specifics family! How do I register?
Simply click on the register link in the top right of our website menu. Here you will be asked to provide your business details and create an account. Once you’ve registered, your application will be sent to our team for verification. We do this to ensure that all online users are professional beauty therapists and practitioners. You can read more about our online process here –

How much is shipping?
We charge a flat rate shipping fee of R50.00 to anywhere in South Africa for orders less than R350.00. For orders higher than R350.00, delivery is free.

How long will I wait for my order?
Once you have placed your order, you can expect to receive your package within 3 – 5 working days. We promise to try our utmost to get it to you as soon as possible!

I forgot my password. How do I reset?
No problem! If you have been approved to shop with Salon Specifics and you have an active account, please follow this link to reset your password –

The checkout form won’t allow me to input my postal code. What do I do?
Together with our shipping partners, FastWay Couriers, we have done our best to make your checkout process easy peasy. When adding your shipping information at checkout, you’ll see a blue button where you can click and enter your suburb or postal code. Once you’ve added your details in the blue area, you’ll see that the ‘postal code / ZIP’ field below will be auto-filled, and you don’t need to change this. This is linked directly to the FastWay area codes to allow for easy and accurate shipping.

My payment method failed. What do I do now?
We have partnered with South Africa’s leading payment platform; PayFast, promising fast and secure online payments for our customers.

Payment methods can fail for several reasons, including:

  • A drop in Internet or mobile network connection
  • An outdated Internet browser
  • Insufficient funds
  • A typo on the payment information such as CVV number or credit card details, card expiration
  • Failure to connect with your personal banking app
  • A banking account that is not set up for online payments
  • A time lapse where the page requires a re-load.

These are all external elements that are not within our control on the website.

Please consider trying your preferred payment method again, ensuring that you have reviewed the above possibilities and that:

  • Your internet and / or mobile network connection is strong
  • You are using a stable and up to date Internet browser (we recommend Google Chrome)

Should the problem escalate, please feel free to email and we can investigate the issue further for you.